amaroK y GStreamer

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ubuntu_anime.jpgPara poder configurar tranquilamente amaroK con Gstgrimer en Ubuntu /Kubuntu , encontré un docuento que os puede salt¡var la vida en un momento de encuadre:

The easiest way to get the needed packages and it's dependencies is to uncomment the main repositories for APT. If you're using Adept:


  • Download and install MAD


  • Download and install xine


  • Download and install MPEGLIB
  • Download and install the MPEGLIB extension for aRts


  • Download and install MAD
  • Download and install the MAD extension for GStreamer


  • There is no Helix binary available for (K)ubuntu, you have to compile from source with a Real or Helix player installed.


  • Download and install MAD
  • Then rebuild and -install libtunepimp:
apt-build --reinstall install libtunepimp2
apt-get install libtunepimp2 libtunepimp-bin

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