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Terminal Server CMD. linea de comandos:

Command Function
change logon Temporarily disable logons to a terminal server.
change port Changes COM port mappings for MS-DOS program compatibility.
change user Changes the .ini file mapping for the current user.
cprofile Removes user-specific file associations from a user's profile.
flattemp Enables or disables flat temporary directories.
logoff Ends a clients session.
msg Sends a message to one or more clients.
mstsc Runs Remote Desktop Connection.
query process Displays information about processes.
query session Displays information about Terminal Services sessions.
query termserver Lists Terminal Services servers on the network.
query user Displays information about users logged on to the system.
register Registers a program so that it has special execution characteristics.
reset session Allows you to reset (delete) a session from the terminal server.
shadow Allows you to monitor or remotely control an active session of another user.
tscon Connects to another existing Terminal Services session.
tsdiscon Disconnects a client from a Terminal Services session.
tskill Terminates a process.
tsprof Copies user configuration and changes profile path.
tsshutdn Shuts down a Terminal Services server.

Citrix CMD, Linea de comandos:

Command Function
acrcfg Configure autoreconnect settings
altaddr Specify server alternate IP address
app Run application execution shell
apputil Add servers to Configured Servers list for published applications (FR3 Only)
auditlog Generate server logon/logoff reports
change client Change ICA Client device mapping
chfarm Change the server farm membership of the server
clicense Maintain MetaFrame XP licenses
cltprint Set the number of ICA Client printer pipes
ctxxmlss Change the XML Service port number
driveremap Remap the server�s drive letters
dscheck Validate the server farm�s data store�s integrity
dsmaint Configure the server farm�s data store
icaport Configure TCP/IP port number
imaport Change IMA ports
migratetomsde Migrate the server farm�s data store from a Microsoft Access database to an MSDE database (FR3)
mlicense Add multiple MetaFrame licenses to the server farm�s data store
query View information about server farms, processes, servers, ICA sessions, and users
tskill Ends a process.
twconfig Configure ICA display settings
querydc Use this utility to determine the data collector for a given zone
queryds Command-line utility is provided to query the current information on the local zone data collector.
queryhr Use this utility to display information about member servers in the farm.
msghook Execute msghook only if information is requested by a Citrix Technical Support