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header.jpg Navegando por necesidad he encontrado un post relacionado con la instalación de una distribución Linux en un Pendrive.

Lo que me parece más interesante es que sea capaz de arrancar la distro dsl en desde QEMU, claro que eso es un apreciación muy particular.

Entra las opciones, puedes pasarle al kernel parámetros para que arranque en modo texto.

La web de referencia directa es esta:

El post completo no voy a traducirlo, lo voy a dejar tal cual:

Perfect for smaller drives. Based on the 2.4 kernel, DSL is great to use for older and slower computers as well. It will fit and run on portable devices or drives as small as 64MB.

Damn Small Linux Screenshots:


Basic essentials:

  • A 64MB or larger USB flash drive
  • HP-USB Format tool (optional)
  • 7-Zip (or another extracting utility)
  • Syslinux

Damn Small Linux USB install tutorial:

  1. Download the HP-USB Format tool and format your flash drive using the Fat or Fat32 option
  2. Download the and extract the contents using 7-Zip to your “USB flash drive”
  3. Download and unzip the files to a directory called syslinux on your computer
  4. From Windows click start-> run-> cmd
  5. From the command window, type cd \syslinux\win32
  6. Type syslinux.exe -ma X: (replace X with your USB drive letter) to make the drive bootable
  7. Reboot your computer and set your system BIOS to boot from USB-ZIP or USB-HDD. You might also need to set the hard disk boot priority to boot from the USB stick if your BIOS lists the device as a hard drive.

Notes: It is possible to “boot DSL using Qemu emulation” without the need to reboot the PC. See the included readme file that was written by the authors of DSL

If you still can’t get DSL to work, you can try this full installation tutorial direct from the DSL wiki.